Project : “Together fulfilling a dream of a harmonious family”

Published: Monday, 19 January 2015

Surely that is the dream of every person and all of society. That is also the title from the 2009 – 2014 programme of the European Economic zone’s financial instrument “NVO foundation” and the underlying NVO project, contract number 2013.EEZ/PP/1/MEC/018/061, which started to be realised in October 2014 by the Latgales Regional Support Centre “Rasas Perles”. The project is administered by the Society’s integration resource.
For more than five years foundation specialists have realised the rehabilitation of children in crisis and abused children. From 2009 to 2014, the Latgales Regional Support Centre “Rasas Perles” have managed through state funding the rehabilitation of 1,176 children in their 30 and 60 day programmes and 179 persons accompanying them. However, following rehabilitation, the children invariably return to their previous environment and in most cases the domestic violence continues.

The project aims to promote the reduction of violence in families . The target group is the victims of violence and the abusers, i.e. the disabled.
Within the project, foundation specialists utilising global and national institution’s good practice examples, their daily work and earlier project experience, develop and implement a rehabilitation programme that will provide an integrated approach to the reduction and prevention of domestic violence both for the victims undergoing rehabilitation as well as their families and the individuals who have committed the violence. The working group for the development and implementation of rehabilitation programmes is led by the foundation LRAC “Rasas Perles” board member Ilze Andža. Target groups will be provided for by a psychologist, psychotherapist, lawyer and social worker counseling, acquired communication skills, "occupational therapy", as well as other methods.

The project will utilise working ideas from other institutional programmes such as the Allažu crisis center programme which offers solutions in two main directions : 1) looking at a family’s resource to provide a detailed recommendation to protect children from further abuse. 2) direct, targetted family resource development, simulating “normal” interaction and communication and at the same time in realistic situations, complementing and improving it without duplication.

The project 's main activities are the development of rehabilitation programs for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, integrate occupational therapy , prepare teaching materials for implementing the program , adjust and supplement the material during implementation of the program , the training of staff , as well as authorise and implement the program, managing the complex work of the target family groups - 72 victims of violence , and 12 perpetrators.

Project partners are the foundation " Centre Valdardze " Balvu municipality, and Social Service Society , "My refuge ."

The project opening seminar of LRAC “Rasas Perles” was held on October 28 , 2014. The reality of the problem is highlighted by the fact that the seminar was attended by stakeholders not only from the Rugāju, Balvu, Viļakas un Baltinavas regions , but also from Alūksnes, Krustpils, Madonas, Kokneses and other places. Currently the rehabilitation program is being worked out, but in December, selected target groups will be actively encouraged to engage with social services , orphan and educational institutions .

Rehabilitation programs approbation and implementation will take place from January to December 2015 .

R.Hrustaļova ,
Project Manager
The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

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