Project progress in April, May and June

Published: Friday, 03 July 2015

Received services in the 2nd Quarter of the rehabilitation project :

Target Group 1 ( victims of violence ):
4 persons completed the first quarter of their ongoing rehabilitation. 7 persons stayed in the center for 30 days , receiving eight psychologist and five social worker consultations and , where necessary, legal adviser and psychotherapist consultations, participation in " occupational therapy " and other activities. 2 persons began rehabilitation.

Target group 2 ( parents of abused children )
5 persons stayed in the centre for 5 days and received specialist advice (5 psychologist , 3 social worker consultations , and where necessary, a psychotherapist and legal adviser consultations) , participated in " occupational therapy " ( gardening, woodworking, housekeeping ) and other activities , as well as participating in workshops on communication and life skills with their children.

Target group 3 ( victims of violence , children who receive rehabilitation per the state program )
8 persons - child victims of violence staying in the center are rehabilitated as per the state program, activities in the project such as communication and life skills are undertaken with their parents.

Target group 4 ( persons committing violence )
1 person completed the ongoing rehabilitation . 1 person left the programme and 1 person started rehabilitation.
Project clients relate that they are satisfied with their participation in the project. This is the time when they are given the opportunity to organize their thoughts and to take important decisions in their life. And that is difficult - to look at your life from the side, to see problems, to call them out, and to decide what to do next. They are grateful for all the professionals and the Centre’s staff involved in the project acknowledging that the staff are understanding, empathetic and supportive, they do not express moral judgements but actually help. Clients’ occupational therapy is not considered a burden. It can be said that the physical work also helps recovery from the negatives experienced at home. Women take delight in the sowing and growing of tomato plants in the greenhouse. “Rasas pērles” will serve meals which will be a good vitamin supplement for children, and is central to the national program. Clients particularly enjoy the sauna facility and gym classes, cooking new recipes, and acquiring new handicraft skills. Household management experience is mutually shared.

The project clients have recommendations on the project to improve the program :

• when the local social services work with clients participating in the project , the client is to be advised openly and at once that the project is not for relaxing but will be hard work on oneself ;
• the Centre's internal rules and procedures should be repeated 2 days after arrival , as many points are missed through the excitement and nervousness of the client arriving in a strange place

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