The first quarter results of the project

Published: Friday, 03 April 2015

Received services in the first 3 months of the rehabilitation project :

Target group 1 (victims of violence) :
10 people stayed in the center for 30 days , receiving eight psychologist and five social worker counseling and , where necessary, legal adviser and psychotherapist consultations, participation in " occupational therapy " and other activities of the programme. 4 persons started rehabilitation.

Target group 2 ( parents of abused children )
2 people stayed in the center for 5 days , receiving specialist advice (5 psychologist, 3 social worker consultations and, where necessary, legal adviser and psychotherapist counseling) participation in " occupational therapy " ( gardening, woodworking, housekeeping ) and other activities , as well as participating in workshops on communication and life skills with their children.

Target group 3 ( victims of violence , children who receive rehabilitation per the state program )
2 persons - child victims of violence staying in the center are rehabilitated as per the state program, activities in the project such as communication and life skills are undertaken with their parents .
All target group members are organized in theoretical and practical classes on natural and rational use of energy resources, waste recycling. Communication and life-skills activities are video recorded, viewed and analyzed in conjunction with specific clients of the target groups.
Target group 4 ( persons committing violence )
3 persons, spending a full day in the center each time, attended 5 times within a 30 day period, and received 1 psychologist, 1 social worker, 1 psychotherapist counseling and participated in activities on improving family relationships and "occupational therapy ".
Discussing the implementation of the project with clients of the programme, they recall that they came to the center with relatively little information on what will take place in the project. They were definitely aware of the number of consultations , 2 hours of compulsory physical work on a daily basis. They have been pleasantly surprised by the capability to work in the parent supported home kitchens, food preparation, learn new things in daily life, for example, waste recycling, sewing, knitting, crochet, stone work, burning words in wood etc . Women relate that not only do they learn how to recognize violence, but gain knowledge in how to protect themselves in the future. They are delighted about attending the gym and sauna treatments. On the other hand, they are not satisfied with the Centre’s rules limiting smoking. The clients expressed gratitude to the entire staff of the Centre for their humane treatment and support.

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