„Make together your dream true of a harmonious family”

Published: Monday, 05 January 2015

Project „Make together your dream true of a harmonious family”, Nr. 2013.EEZ/PP/1/MEC/018/061

It is being financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, programme „NGO Fund”.


Summary of Project:

Objective: to contribute decreasing of domestic abuse
Target group: victims of domestic abuse and people committing it
Location: „Varavīksne”,Egļusala,Rugaji Parish,Rugaji County

Main activities:

  1. To work out the rehabilitation program for victims of domestic abuse including children and their families and also for people committing it,besides improving and adapting the existed rehabilitation program for needs and features of Latgale District and also integrating the program of occupational therapy.
  2. To adjust and supplement the material base for introducing this program and also to train staff.
  3. To approbate the developed program,carrying out the complex work with the families of target group (72 victims of domestic abuse and 8 people committing it), decreasing and removing domestic abuse.
  4. To prepare methodical materials for introducing the program and also to provide its availability for all interested people.To provide its publicity.

Expected results:

  1. Worked out the rehabilitation program for victims of domestic abuse and also children together with their families ,which includes the victims’rehabilitation and complex work with people committing violence to remove not only consequences but causes as well.
  2. Adapted and updated material base for introducing the program,training courses and exchange of experience for staff.
  3. Approbated rehabilitation program.As a result,victims of domestic abuse and parents of abused children will have been provided with specialists’ consultancy.People of the target group will get communication and life skills.The role of parents will be shown as well.Communication skills will be taught for parents and their children to decrease domestic abuse.The victims of domestic abuse will be introduced with possibilities to find help from specialists in complicated situations,they will be taught how to simulate different situations in family life.People of target group will be motivated to make the model of socially acceptable behavior,to follow a healthy lifestyle,to regain self-confidence and confidence in their social roles in life.
  4. Prepared methodical materials for introducing the program and provided publicity of the project in mass media.

The total budget of the Project is 49999,99 euro
Project receives financial support from Island, Lichtenstein and Norway

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